This is a Pre-Order

– 20cm / 8″ Tripy Plushie Doll
– Limited production run, don’t miss out!
– Made with soft material.
– Own your very own little Tripy xD

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The Tripy Plushie is ready for Pre-Order!

2024/06/29 23:59:59
The pre-order runs until 30 June 2024
Delivery may take up to 2 months after pre-order ends depending on the final sale numbers and estimated manufacturing time. See below for more information.
tripy plushie special deal

Adopt 3 Plushies & SAVE!

Buy 3 plushies and SAVE $15!

Perfect as gifts or start a Tripy Plushie cult!

Some would say hes the 'perfect size'

tripy plushie
…for snuggles xD

100% Accurate To The Real Thing

Which Tripy is the plushie?! *shrugs*
tripy plushie

*Not to scale

Dont Miss Out!

Limited production run!

This may be the only chance to adopt your own Tripy Plushie as this process is rather time consuming and have other plushie ideas I want to create.

Start Collecting!

This is just the beginning!

I plan to launch many more plushie products so start your collection with the OG plushie doll!

Made With The Softest Fabrics

100% not made with wood or metal

Pre-Order Info

  • This pre-order is for plushie dolls which will commence manufacturing once the pre-order ends on 30 June 2024.
  • The plushie doll shown on this page is the sample doll. I have made revisions to the sample which will make it better in a few ways.
  • No changes will be made that detracts from the shown sample in any significant way.
  • The manufacturer has indicated up to 2 months to ship the plushies to me. I will then ship them from New Zealand to anywhere in the world.
  • If I need to release them in batches then it will be first ordered, first shipped.
  • Any questions please fill out the contact form or leave a comment here

Additional information

Special Offer

1 Plushie, 3 Plushies


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